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Long Name Earth System CoG
Description Earth System CoG is a collaboration environment designed to support distributed, complex, multi-part projects that require data sharing, such as model intercomparison projects (MIPs). Wiki-based project websites and workspaces are a core capability of CoG. A set of projects hosted on CoG can be organized into a network, and project information consolidated and communicated across the network. CoG offers a user interface to Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) capabilities that can be customized by project (e.g. which data nodes to search, choice of search facets, facet groupings). It also offers access to Earth System Documentation (ES-DOC) collection, display, and comparison. By assembling these and other functions into an easy to use, structured, web-based environment, CoG encourages the close association of data with supporting metadata and contextual information.

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CoG 3.8 Released!
This release improves support for retracted datasets. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
CoG 3.7 Released!
This release focuses on improving the security of the application and the node federation functionality. ...
CoG 3.6 Released!
This release adds the ability to add non-CoG links to the left navigation bar. Read ...
CoG 3.5 Released!
This release upgraded the Globus libraries. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
CoG 3.4 Released!
This release changes how the ESGF search functions. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
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