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Narrowing a CMIP5 search to a specific variable

Many users of CMIP5 data have complained that they can not download just one variable without downloading large files containing other variables.  This is because some CMIP5 modeling groups bundled their variables together when they published their datasets. 

CoG has created a way around this problem. 

Step 1: Save a dataset to your Data Cart. View tutorial

Step 2: Click the "Show Files" link associated with a particular dataset. In the example below you can see that there are 71 files associated with that dataset. 

Step 3: Enter the variable of interest into the text box at the top of the Data Cart. In this example the variable "omega" was entered. See how the list of files is reduced from 71 to 4. Selecting the dataset check box and the the "WGET Script" link will create a WGET script for just the variable of interest, in this case "omega". 

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