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Collaborative Project Workspaces

CoG's collaborative project workspaces enable projects to form a community, develop and share information, communicate with project members and connect to other communities.




Projects support a variety of content. Content is made available through wiki pages, widgets, and uploaded files.

  • Wiki: Each project has its own wiki space.
    • Wiki pages are editable by project contributors only.
    • Wiki pages can be made "not viewable" by non-project members.
    • Wiki pages can be made "not editable" by regular project members but only by project administrators.
  • Project Tags:
    • Projects can be tagged with keywords.
    • Tags can be used to search for projects.
    • Tags and their associated projects can be saved.
  • News: Short blurbs that can be sent across a project's network. It is visible in the news widget.
  • Customizable navigation: Dynamic content created with the wiki can automatically appear in a project's left navigation bar.
  • Social Networking: Links for Facebook and Twitter exist at the bottom of every wiki page.
  • File sharing: Files of any kind (PDFs, Word Documents, images etc.) can be attached to a project or an individual wiki page.
  • Commenting: Is available on every wiki page. Only project contributors can comment.
  • Google Maps or Calendar:  Can be embedded into any wiki page.
  • Resources: Each project comes with a Resources area that can be used to store URLs, references to datasets, documents, etc. in a hierarchy of folders. Private notes can be added to Resources.
  • Forum: Each project comes with a Forum that can be enabled by the project adminstrator. The forum is an interactive discussion capability.
Last Update: Nov. 30, 2015, 3 p.m. by Sylvia Murphy
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