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ESGF Data Services

  • Data services are designed to allow projects to UPLOAD data to share with their users or the community.
  • Projects can link to the resident ESGF node or any other ESGF node.
  • Projects have numerous ways to customize their data search.
  • CoG CAN be installed without an ESGF node.



  • Data Publishing:  Projects interested in uploading data to the ESGF data node installed with CoG will need assistance from the node administrator.
  • Search facets: Search facets can be customized from a list of facets associated with the published data. 
  • Grouping of search facets: Search facets can be grouped into sub-categories with unique labels.
  • Customized help text: Projects can add project specific text to assist users with a search of their project specific holdings.
  • Search Widget: The search widget is off by default but can be turned on by project administrators.
  • Data Cart: Every CoG account holder has a personal Data Cart to store references to datasets. Items in the Data Cart can be sent to various services. 
  • Data Download Options: Users can download individual files or multiple files via WGET.
  • Replicas and Versions: Projects can enable the search for all replicas and/or versions in their search configuration.
Last Update: Feb. 5, 2016, 11:18 a.m. by Sylvia Murphy