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ESGF Search Basics

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1) What the ESGF search returns

The basic unit in ESGF is the dataset. Datasets are collections of individual files. Some datasets contain files that represent different variables. Some datasets are restricted to one variable. CMIP5 contained many datasets with multiple variables. To search for individual files, save a dataset to your Data Cart and search using the sub-select text box in the Data Cart itself (view tutorial).

2) Search Defaults

By default, ESGF searches are conducted across all nodes and return only the latest version of a dataset (without replicas). Use the check boxes (if enabled by the project administrator) below the text box to narrow the search (Figure 1). Note that searching the Local Node means searching on the node configured for this search. It is possible that node is not local.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the Advanced Search Page showing the search option checkboxes. These must be enabled by the project administrator.

3) Searching with AND/OR

By default, all words entered into the text boxes in the Search Widget (Figure 2) or on the Advanced Search Page (Figure 3) are combined via a logical -OR-. To search via a logical -AND-, use the AND keyword.

Figure 2: Screenshot of the Search Widget showing how to search using AND.

Figure 3: Screenshot showing the logical AND on the Advanced Search Page.

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