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Download a single file with the browser

From the ESGF, data search results can be downloaded

  • one file at a time with the browser or
  • several files together with scripts (Wget, Globus, Synda or Python, view separate tutorials).

This tutorial is a description how a file can be downloaded from ESGF without scripts and additional software, i.e. with the browser only. For the download of a single file, this is the easiest way and is recommended for beginners even if they need more than one file and want to switch to scripting because the user's authorization for data download can be completed embedded in a download with the browser.

Step 1: Search for Data

  • Use the facets on the left of the search page to narrow the search (Figure 1).
  • Click the "Show Files" link below the dataset of interest (Figure 1).
  • Search results within ESGF are links to datasets, which are collections of files.
    • How many files exist within each dataset is up to the data publisher.
    • Some datasets contain just one variable, others contain multiple variables.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the search page showing search facets and search results.

Step 2: Authentication and Authorization

  • Click the "HTTPServer" link across from the file of interest.
  • The ESGF data node inquires your OpenID and password, the same password you need to login. If you already downloaded a file from the same data node during the same session, this step is omitted.
  • If a membership in a data access control group is missing, you are guided to the Group Registration Request page, where you can join such a group (accept the terms).

Figure 2: File list with HTTPServer links

Step 3: File Download

The download control window of your browser pops up. Start the download.

Last Update: Jan. 20, 2017, 11:18 a.m. by Torsten Rathmann