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ESGF General FAQ

Each ESGF question is sorted into exactly one topic. Questions of general interest and questions matching several topics are here under topic the ESGF General. Additionally, our Github page Unresolved technical ESGF issues contains a description of known ESGF server and site issues as well as workaraounds if known.

What browsers does ESGF support?

CoG-ESGF supports the following browsers. These are the browsers we test on.

  • Firefox (best in a Private Window, see Firefox's main menu)
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

Safari Issue: Safari has a known bug that prevents it from sending too many certificates when interacting over SSL. This results in some ESGF sites failing to display the login page. If you encounter such a problem, please use Firefox or Chrome.

Internet Explorer Issue: Registration to an ESGF data access group may be slow with Internet Explorer. If you experience this, try another browser.

Where are the ESGF portals?

The most important ESGF portal (index node for data search and download) in the USA is European ESGF portals are listed here. Links to these and all other ESGF portals can be found in the box "Federal ESGF-CoG Nodes" on the home page of each portal.

Shall I use my personal certificate in the browser?

No. If a message appears whether to use your personal credials imported into your browser, please press "Cancel".

I get the error: "Secure Connection Failed" with Firefox

Screenshot of the Secure Connection Failed error.

This error has to do with encryption and seems to depend on Firefox version, operating system and ESGF portal.

Solution: In Firefox open local page about:config and add the portal or site name to the security.tls.insecure_fallback_hosts. An example is shown in the image below.

Screenshot of a part of the about:config page of Firefox.

I have a question or error to report to ESGF

Questions and error reports related to ESGF should be sent to They are based in Germany.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe

To subscribe: send to:

The subject should be blank.  The body should contain only the following:

Subscribe esgf-user

To unsubscribe: send to:

The subject should be blank.  The body should contain only the following:

Signoff esgf-user

Last Update: April 3, 2017, 1:08 p.m. by Torsten Rathmann