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This page contains questions about data search in ESGF-CoG. Each ESGF question is sorted into exactly one topic. See also ESGF General since questions of general interest and questions matching several topics are under topic ESGF General.

How do I find data?

Visit the home page of one of the ESGF portals with your web browser and follow one of the general or project-specific links to a search surface.  In easy cases you also may use the Search & Download Data box with its search text field. This box contains a link "Search with options" to a general search surface as well.

I don't find the expected data

There might be several reasons and solutions for this issue:

Solution 1: ESGF portals may be disturbed by Firefox's cache content or old cookies. Use Firefox in a private window (see Firefox menu).

Solution 2: Make sure the checkbox "Search Local Node Only" is not checked. Otherwise only data nodes locally connected with the portal you use are searched instead of a worldwide search.

Solution 3: If you need CMIP5 data, enable the checkbox "Show All Replicas". The most important part of the CMIP5 data, the output1 data, have been replicated. Replicas are a good choice if one or more data nodes are down. Especially now, in the phase of redeployment after ESGF overhaul, many data nodes are still down. The bitstreams of replica and master copy are identical if the number or date of the version is the same.

Solution 4: Look into the errata of the project whether the data you need are withdrawn. Links to CMIP5 and CORDEX errata pages are in the ENES portal.

Solution 5: Not all variables, times, altitude levels have been archived for all time frequencies and experiments. For example, CMIP5 RCP daily time series are only available for the years 2006-2100, 2181-2200, and 2281-2300. Which CMIP5 data have been required for which time frequency and experiment is tabulated in the CMIP5 Standard Output document.

Solution 6: In case a portal has technical problems, try another ESGF portal

Solution 7: Seldom metadata have not properly been overtaken from a data node. In this case circumvent portals and try finding data on the data nodes directly. With help of the usual ESGF Search, find out which model simulations have been stored on which data node. Go to the THREDDS catalog of that data node and use the download links there. Links to the THREDDS catalogs of the European data nodes can also be found here.

I get the error: "transaction aborted undefined"

This error may occur after clicking on "Show Files" to expand the file list of a dataset and is probably caused by Firefox's cache content or old cookies.

Solution: Use Firefox in a private window (see Firefox menu).


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