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Upload a File

CoG comes bundled with an associated file server for the storage of files < 50mb. For larger, scientific data sets, use the attached ESGF data node.

  • Files are uploaded via the "Add File" link in the left navigation bar.
  • Files can be given a title and description (Figure 1).
  • Files can be universal to the project or specific to a wiki page (using the "Add Attachment" link at the bottom of the wiki page).

Figure 1: Screenshot of the file upload interface.

Using the File Browser

  • Use the "List All Files" in the left navigation bar to see all of a project's uploaded files.
  • Files can be searched for by type, or listed alphabetically. 
  • Files can be deleted from the server using this interface.

Figure 2: Screenshot the File Browser interface.

Information Interface

  • Information is available about individual files by clicking on the "Info" link in the File Browser (Figure 2).
  • The information interface allows users to modify the metadata associated with a document or delete a document (Figure 3). 

Figure 3: Screenshot of the Info interface

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