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Wiki Editing

  • Freeform content in CoG is created using a built-in wiki.
  • You must be logged in to edit wiki pages
  • You must be a Contributor or Admin to edit wiki pages.
  • The wiki can be edited via a WYSIWYG GUI or via HTML (by choosing the "Source" button in the wiki editor).

WARNING: Copying text from a browser window (e.g. an email, a google document, another web page), will copy the hidden styles as well. These styles will interfer with the styling of your conent.

Step 1: Choose to either create a new page or edit an old one.

  • New pages are added via the "Add Page" link in the left navigation bar under the "Contributors" heading.

Figure 1: Sceenshot of the left navigation bar showing the "Add Page" link.

  • To edit an existing page, click the "Update Page" link located at the bottom of every page (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Screenshot of the links at the bottom of all wiki pages.


Step 2: Fill in the wiki form

  • There are three wiki templates that are selected via the "Template" pull down menu (Figure 3).
    • all three columns (left navigation bar, wiki content, right column services)
    • wiki and right column services
    • wiki only

Figure 1: Screenshot of a wiki page in edit mode.

Step 2a. Adding Images

  • To insert an image into the wiki, it must first be uploaded to the server.
  • Images can be formatted when uploaded or after the fact.
  • Read tutorial

Step 2b. Using Labels and Topics (for left navigation bar)

  • The label and topic fields are used to create the auto-generated left navigation bar:
  • The label is what will show up as text on the left navigation bar.
  • The topic is the label divider on the left navigation bar.  You can choose from an existing topic or create a new one.
  • Only parent pages will show up on the left.  Child pages can be found listed at the bottom of their parent wiki page.

Step 2c. Wiki Page Visability

  • Pages can be made "Not Viewable" by clicking on the appropriate checkbox on the form (Figure 1).
  • Pages that are "Not Viewalbe" will have a lock icon next to them in the navigation bar but will visible to project members when logged in. 

Step 2d. Wiki Page Editability

  • Pages can be made "Not Editable" by clicking on the appropriate checkbox on the form (Figure 1). 
  • Pages that are "Not Editable" can only be edited by Project Administrators.


Last Update: April 13, 2016, 9:21 a.m. by Sylvia Murphy
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