• The keyword parameter type= is not allowed, as the wget URL always assumes type=File .
  • The keyword parameter format= is not allowed, as the wget URL always returns a shell script as response document.
  • The keyword parameter limit= is assigned a default value of limit=1000 (and must still be limit < 10,000).
  • The keyword parameter download_structure= is used for defining a relative directory structure for the download by using the facets value (i.e. of Files and not Datasets). 
  • The keyword parameter download_emptypath= is used to define what to do when download_structure is set and the facet returned has no value (for example, when mixing files from CMIP5 and obs4MIP and selecting instrument as a facet value will result in all CMIP5 files returning an empty value)

A typical workflow pattern consists in first identifying all datasets or files matching some scientific criteria, then changing the request URL from "/search?" to "/wget?" to generate the corresponding shell scripts for bulk download of files.


For more information, see also the Wget FAQ