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Globus Data Transfers with ESGF/CoG

ESGF is starting to enable Globus as one of the options for downloading data to the user personal laptop. When available, Globus allows for easier, faster and more reliable downloads. "Globus Download" will show up as an additional access option when datasets are found by the ESGF Search, and when those datasets are saved in the Data Cart.

Setup Globus

  • Sign up for a Globus Account (free)
  • Install the Globus Connect Personal client on their machine (click-through)
  • Additionally, to use the Python scripts (download option #2 below), the user needs to upload their public ssh key to the Globus site (see instructions)

Globus Transfer

A user is allowed to start a Globus data transfer request by following the "[Globus Download]" link that will show up for enabled datasets (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Screenshot of a datafile showing the "[Globus Download]" link.

There are two options for submitting this request (Figure 2).

  • Option 1: Web Download. The user submits the download request entirely through the web browser. He/she will be asked to sign-in to the Globus site (if not signed in already), and to select the destination folder on their laptop
  • Option 2: Script Download. The user will download a Python script that he/she can later execute to submit the request. Python must be already installed on the user's machine, but no special libraries are needed. The general syntax to execute the script is: python -e <your globus endpoint> -u your globus username> -p <target directory>. For example: python -e globuser#themac -u globuser

Figure 2: Screenshot of the Globus download page showing the two options for submitting a Globus download request, a web download or a script download.

You will get a confimration that your download has started (Figure 3), but no matter how a data transfer request is started, the user must use the Globus Activity page to monitor their transfer. Additionally, Globus will send an email to the user at job completion.

Figure 3: Screenshot of the download confirmation.

Last Update: Nov. 12, 2015, 10:13 a.m. by Sylvia Murphy