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Minutes: 120625

In attendence: Sylvia, Christiane, Luca, Allyn, Cecelia, Babaji, Ricky, Jillian

1) Introduction of new personnel
2) Update on final preps for dycore
3) Discussion of IEEE abstract submission (due 3 July) and paper
submission (due 11 July).
4) AGU session...dealing with invited talks
5) Next steps for EarthCube?

Reorder: 1, 5, 3, 4, 2

Earthcube governance group - Cecelia
    Project ontology as coordination mechanism
    Managing the information needed for collaboration
    How project views shift as moving from project to project
    Demo'ed mock up of the earthcube site
    SIG earthcube site - turn into a proposal
    Stronger authentication & scalability
    Earthcube governance group does not have this function
    Excited by:
        bookmarking and notes functions
        ontology - representation of the gov structures
    Next steps:
        Collaboration SIG
        Get together with these other folks and write proposal
    Demo of the demo - next call?
    Climate community were not really participating in the EC
        So new - in the terminology problem stage
Governance Paper - Sylvia
    Incredibly scheduled
        Abstract due July 3rd
        Who has it when - which copy
        Things that need to be done
AGU Session - accepted
    Announcing session
    The invited slots
        Peter Fox
    24-31 August
Next week stuff - Cecelia
    Demo coming up next week (bookmarking, roll-ups)
    Ontology needs review/refinement
Dycore (dynamical cores) - Christianne
    Working on the document
    travel, etc is under control
    working with NCAR
    Modeling mentors are not using the online spaces
    Note has not gone out to students to get them to sign up for the site
    Where the data should go - working on transfers
        Chron job to grab and publish data
        deciding what is online or offline
            luca and Christianne joining the 9am call for offline
Design/ontology changes
    looking at the site
    gov page - controlled vocab
    strategic and operational/tactical
    difference between gov and management
    Definitions at the time they are needed - not elsewhere, all the time

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