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Minutes: 120723

Present: Silvia, Cecelia, Irina, Christiane, Luca, Balaji, Rickie, Jillian


1) Final approval of AGU abstract: (Sylvia)
2) Update on AGU Invites (Sylvia)
3) QR code for models in the CSDMS repository (Irina)
4) Discussion on defining a protocol to assign DOI's to models (Irina)
5) Update on Earth cube (Cecelia)

Meeting notes

DOI discussion needs Belaji, to see what they have done and the decisions they have made. Postponing discussion until he is available.

AGU session invites have gone out, but have not necessarily been received.

EC Special interest group info is on the site, but no official announcement has gone out.

CSDMS Repository QR codes
QR code codes have embedded urls or other data
Using the QR codes to link to model descriptions metadata
Open Source python script that has been modified
Checks every night whether a new model has been added, and generates a QR code jpeg/gif for the model and puts it on the model page
The thought is that the developers will put them on posters and other print materials to link the viewer to the model/metadata
Could be used to link back to specific model runs and other objects
How prevalent is the use of QR codes? Is this really a useful thing to generate?

CSDMS Assigning model DOIs
Kristen Leonard
Generating DOIs for specific models
Lemont authority can request DOIs
We submit the name, domain, publications, and other fields
Then the DOIs help assure the future persistance of the models and access to them
Discussing with the DOI folks about whether the models fulfill the continuity requirements
At what granularity? By model or model version?
Garunteeing the future downloadability of the models
Sending a data DVD to the library to be stored in a safe, to last beyond the life of the CSDMS projects
Do this with CU or with Columbia?
Luca has some suggestions about other groups working on this for code/datasets
ESIP uses this, do some google research on how people are using DOIs
Balaji has done DOIs for datasets, not sure about how well this can apply to models (treating the model as a document)
Certain issues (not straightforward problems)
    needs to have a certain quality - pass QCL3
    granularity - starting with a realm to add hierarchy
    implicit garuntee of maintanence even if there are errors, cannot be withdrawn
The most advanced models have a bunch of versions
The people who are maintaining it are assigning DOIs
For software release would a new DOI be generated for each release
What is the boundary of domains that come under the CSDMS? Worf(?) is a model that they are not gatekeepers for - they just point to it, they would not be generating DOIs for it
Climate models already have a metadata structure, and there is some question as to whether the required DOI metadata aligns
What is the thing that should be linked to: the landing page, etc.
A model is not so much a document as something that can make documents, is a DOI meaningful?
Fields do not include input files, but the landing page would have the required info.
CSDMS ask for input files, but very few people submit them
Two realized configurations of Worf are not the same model
Publication does not require even a link to the landing page
For the ability to repeat the experiment, requires more than just the source code
Climate modeling in an open and transparent world
    Climate code group
OAI ORE could be used to link together different objects that have persistant identifiers
    model, input files, metadata, etc
Is there IP bundled up in DOI creation? Do we need to get approval from the owners of the code?
When users submit to CSDMS their is some language about where to point, etc, but would need to be revised to include more about the DOI generation process.
Cecelia sees this as something that could be useful for the EC
Bringing together the component lists to have a consistent set of metadata
Need to know the author and the author of the wrapper even

Cecelia: NOAA recent discussion, MIP for coupled land-atmosphere and surface processes for hydrology
2014 timeframe, 2013 is too soon
2014 timeframe want to use the CoG infrastructure for the meeting
Is this something of interest for CoG and CSDMS to collaborate over
There is an existing CSDMS project that would be interested in participating
There is money in the grant that CSDMS could use for their part
Go out to DOE in the new future for support
CSDMS could provide some of the support
CUAHSI or CSDMS should take the lead
John Goodall from CSDMS has many links to the CUAHSI community and should play a central role
Irina would like to help with setting up the site, etc.
Links into the NCPP group work (with Rickie)
There is a long-term strategy at NCPP that supports getting into these sorts of assessment activities
Christiane can provide some insight into organizing the meeting
    Warning: it takes alot of time to develop the test cases
Someone from the School of Mines just recently did a MIP, might want to ask him about it
    Complex rainfall scenario, not necessarily fully-coupled
A team to develop test cases - run multiple to see the range of the model functionality
Irina using her CoG time to get this up and rolling
Afraid of stepping on the hydrology expert (Scott) - run it past Scott and James first

New version of the CoG site tutorial is up
Needs to be unlocked
no mention of NOAA!

DCMIPS meeting next week, so no call
Baker Street Pub - informal get together on Sunday night if you are around

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