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Minutes 120827

In attendance: Cecelia, Sylvia, Luca, Allyn, Christiane, Irina, Jillian


IEEE Paper Rejection

  • Opportunity to submit to a pre-conf workshop about social networks, although not really social network-y enough
  • Go through the reviews and work on the paper more
    • Integrating the first half with the second half
    • Adding findings/figures from DCMIP
    • Question of whether it is just infrastructure for governance
      • How we are positioning the software
      • Infrastructure for governance, but also good for collaboration/coordination more generally
  • Rework the article and submit to another more appropriate venue
  • There is some desire to use this in a social network mode

Update of Github

  • All tickets have been moved over
  • Tour on a future call
  • Moving use cases away from the sourceforge site onto CoG

Telecom date/time call move

  • Monday at 9am MT is hard
    • Cecelia is conflicted
    • Later in the week would be better
    • Wednesday is hard conflict
    • Paul not available Tuesdays or Fridays
    • Thursday Luca is unavailable
      • Might be able to get the 9:30-10:30 slot and have Luca for a half hour
  • Thursday 9:30-10:30 MT for the win
  • Starting next week, September 6th

CSDMS Minnesota Workshop

  • Example of course that CSDMS will be teaching in the future
    • They have a couple IGERTs with other campuses
  • Summer Institute
    • A bunch of students apply, nationally and internationally
    • 30 accepted
  • 2-days of the total course were devoted to using the CSDMS tool
    • Landscape modeling
    • Stratographic modeling
  • Students setup in a computer lab, on the local computer infrastructure
    • Had no time to test before the course
    • Needed VPN access to CU, and accounts
  • Students modeled live, and there was a high impact on the machines
    • Encouraged students to start a bunch of runs before coffee, so they would be done when they returned
  • No intercomparison, but still a need for visualization
    • Run on the supercomputer, then visualized on the local machine
    • Visualization tools: Vizit and Paraview
      • Part of the objective was to introduce the vis tools
    • Models write NetCDF files
    • Not quite a smooth sequence of events yet
  • Some of the tools from Dycore are useful
    • Not the same structure – less predetermined test cases and more teaching exercises
  • Possible to just use CoG as a wiki site
    • Joe used it for this
    • Was able to sign them up for the site in realtime
  • How to improve on this for next year?
    • Is it worth the investment to develop a full-fledged site for just a 1-2 day course
  • Course needs a landing page
    • Long name and description – something that Irina already has as the organizer
    • Time investment is getting the datasets up prior to the course
  • Christiane saw problems around CF compliance problem
    • Visualization GUI required CF compliance
    • Visualization does not work that well
    • LAS is not quite ready for primetime
      • Quality on the plots are so-so
    • Are there other tools that could be used for visualization?
  • Vizit is kind of that way
    • New interface, plus new file standards, plus it is remote on the supercomputer
    • Complicated adoption
    • Needs operators and scaling, big learning curve


  • Potential interest within CSDMS communities:
    • Landscape evolution - experiments in the biosphere
    • Engineering community interested in comparing ROMS and ________
  • For any of the MIPs they would work with the CoG team to set up infrastructure
  • Need to get sign-off from executive committee
  • Get Kevin Trenberth, NCAR on board
  • Some other folks from community
    • John Goodall, Fred Ogden, ______ Duffy, etc.
    • Roger Pulwarty, director of would be good to contact
      • Climate hydrology coupling being developed
      • If there is a group like NIDIS involved, CoG would want to setup some drought scenarios for them
      • CSDMS relies on precip scenarios
  • Advertise through NCAR
  • Getting CUAHSI on board is really important
  • Interested in using CoG tools to help develop the infrastructure
    • Pushes the tool development

Dycore Workshop – Luca

  • Data was collected during the workshop
  • FIM came back after and published all of their data
  • Data is currently about 80% correct
  • Recommendation is to go through each modeling group
    • Ask them to check their data
    • Then Luca will go ahead and publish again
    • Make it more curated
  • Some of the groups had the wrong setup, and need to be rerun, and some are incomplete
  • Christiane will really be back on in September to poke the modeling groups
  • Once data are updated how are we handling the old versions?
    • If the filename is changed at all the versioning function
    • The prior versions are available through the url, but not exposed through search
  • Deleting data is a long-term issue
    • Luca is planning to unpublish everything and then republish
  • Data ownership is in the hands of the groups
    • But updating the data all the time is not really what is desired
    • If bugs are detected, the data will need to be changed
  • Might want to send some money to NOAA to make the visualization better
    • There might be some feedback between visualization software development and revising the data
    • NCL routine to combine visualization with analysis
      • NCL routines that run in the background and present result on the website
      • The standard 10 plots that the other models ran
  • Need to come up with a standard data management plan for the data
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