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Minutes 120913

In attendance: Allyn, Joe, Luca, Galia, Sylvia, Christiane, Jillian, Paul

  • Allyn – wanted to know if the model metadata was all in place
    • Waiting for all the metadata to close the
  • New use case demo – Downscaling workshop
    • Joe here to give some feedback
    • This week just tackle 1 item
    • Next week work through the whole demo
  • Mark at IPSL, Paul should go meet
  • Joe ran a workshop in Alaska, and used the CoG interface
    • Compiled a list of good/weak points of the CoG interface
    • Allyn has a copy of the list
    • Attachments problem
  • Documents page
    • Added functionality – order by x
      • Title, reverse title
      • Last update, reverse last update
    • Problem – people would upload content, right-click on the item, copy the link, then add the link to the page
      • Just too many clicks
      • Volume problem – making a page with a list of presentation links is a real pain
      • Non-intuitive
    • Presentation template
      • Christiane also added links to the presentations
      • Template per talk
        • Title – Talk #1
        • Find a document that has been uploaded
        • The metadata would tie together the talk and the item
    • Instead enhance the add a link functionality (like the add an image functionality)
      • Everyone would benefit from a widget that allows browsing for items
      • Applicable beyond the presentation templated content
    • Add something new at the point of adding document links is another function that should be explored
    • The search/sort adds functionality, but still not a perfect solution
  • Moving from tiniwiki to another wiki system
    • Easier to integrate into the site
    • Much better product – sold to companies, etc
    • Adding an image
      • Browse through the images
      • People can only upload to their project
      • The new properties box is kind of nice
        • Image size/aspect ratio
        • Alignment
      • Missing text wrapping options
        • Advanced?
  • Still too complicated to add images
    • Add image button > opens a way to browse images on your local machine > select the image
      • Then the image would be uploaded to the database and the link created at the same time
      • Side-step the five-clicks to upload and link to images
    • Control over uploaded images
      • Need to delete wrong images
    • Browse local and browse server buttons?
    • New wiki allows for more functionality
      • File browser supports folders
      • Possible to delete images/folders
      • Referential integrity? If an image is linked to within the site can the images be locked?
      • Images have no owner, only the project admin can deleted
        • This is still problematic
  • Only displaying folders from your/peer/child projects
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