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CoG Software

Features CoG is a web environment that enables users to create project workspaces, connect projects into networks, share and consolidate information within those networks, and seamlessly link to tools for data archival.

** Can be made private (viewable by project members only).
** Can upload their own logo.
** Can turn on or off links in the upper-navigation bar.
** Can turn on or off the Advanced Data Search widget.

Collaboration Services:
** A project-specific wiki space.
** Wiki is restricted to project members.
** Project admin only wiki pages.
** Wiki pages and/or files can be made not-viewable to non-project members.
** Wiki pages can have the left or right widgets, no widgets, or all widgets.
** News that can be visible across a project's network.
** A data space for files (e.g. presentations).
** Customizable navigation.
** Links to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.
** Comments on wiki pages and Resources.
** Ability to embed a Google calendar or map.
** A Resources area to store URLs in user-defined or per-defined folders.

Data Services:
** Option to install a bundled Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) data node.
** Customizable data search that can point to any ESGF node.
** Customizable search facets and groupings of facets.
** Mechanism to select multiple values within the same search facet.
** A Data Cart where they can store links to ESGF datasets.
** Option to download datasets individually, or as groups via WGET scripts.
** Option to restrict project search pages to only the local ESGF node.
** Option to include dataset replicas and/or versions in the search configuration.

** Project-level metadata on governance bodies, roles, communication means, and processes.
** A Partners and Sponsors page that allows projects to list their project partners and sponsors respectively and include a logo for each.
** A Logistics tab and associated sub-tab (e.g. Agenda) for meeting hosting.
** Standardized location for project-level metadata in the upper navigation bar.
License BSD
Implementation Language Python and JavaScript

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