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Earth System Documentation (ES-DOC)

ES-DOC is an international effort to develop tools to describe Earth system models in order to better understand and utilize model data. The tools are based on the Common Information Model (CIM) standard.


ES-DOC is developing tools to CREATE, DISPLAY, and COMPARE Earth system model documentation. 

CIM A metadata standard used to describe Earth system models. This includes simulations, experiments, and computing resources used by those models. The CIM is now being leveraged by a variety of international model intercomparison projects. 
Questionnaire A customizable package to generate questionnaires that CREATE model documentation.
Viewer A browser plugin to DISPLAY model documentation. It can be embedded directly into web pages but is also available via the Search or Comparator tools. 
Comparator A web-based tool to COMPARE CIM metadata records currently stored in the CIM archive. Comparison can be output as CSV files or HTML renderings. 
Search A publicly accessible portal to SEARCH on and VIEW model documentation.


ES-DOC is an evolution of the Metafor project (originally sponsored by the European Network for Earth System Modeling) and Earth System Curator project (part of NESII, and sponsored by NSF, NOAA and NASA).

Last Update: Nov. 12, 2015, 2:36 p.m. by Sylvia Murphy
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Questionnaire v0.15.0.0 Released
This release implemented a RESTful framework for the Customizer. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
ES-DOC v0.9.3 Released
This release added several new commands to the es-doc shell. Learn more at:
Questionnaire v0.14.0.0 Released
This releases changes how CIM elements are entered. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
ES-DOC v0.9.2 Released
This version includes support for additional CIM Standard Properties. Learn more at:
Questionnaire v0.13.1.0 Released
This release prevents publication of incomplete documents. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
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