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Contributed Code

Code in the ESMF contributions repository was developed by groups besides the ESMF core implementation team. It is not supported by ESMF. There are external support contacts for some contributed codes but not for others.

Occasionally code in the contributions repository is assimilated into the main ESMF distribution. The ESMF Change Review Board reviews user requests of this nature. Once contributed code becomes part of an official release it is supported under the  ESMF support policy.

Current Contributions

The table below shows the modules currently in the contributions repository. Here is the link to browse the contributed repository.

Module name Description Contact Documentation
mapl The MAPL (Modeling Analysis and Prediction Program Layer) module contains the MAPL source code. MAPL is a software layer and set of conventions built on top of ESMF. It was developed at NASA Goddard and is used extensively throughout the GEOS-5 atmospheric general circulation model. MAPL Support MAPL home page
InterComm This module includes extensions to ESMF that enable it to communicate via the InterComm communication package developed at the University of Maryland. InterComm is used for coupling models that are part of the Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling based at Boston University. Alan Sussman InterComm home page
build_config_files Files in this module are user contributions to the ESMF build. None  
patches This module contains software designed to be layered on top of existing ESMF distributions in order to extend their functonality. Early versions of observational data streams (Location Streams) are currently stored here. Locations streams are migrating to the official ESMF distribution starting with the ESMF v4.0.0 release. ESMF support list (for current Location Stream support)  
performance_tests ESMF performance reports are posted in a folder under the Resources tab. The code used to perform those tests, which is contributed by a test group at JPL, is in this module. ESMF support list View reports
python Python interface to ESMF regridding. ESMF support list ESMP Documentation
scripts The scripts module currently includes contributed mpirun scripts for launching the test suite. None  
workflow The workflow module is an extension of Kepler scientific workflow system that enables automation of earth system related tasks. The current version contains common actors to run a modified version of CCSM (Community Climate System Model) on the TeraGrid but it can be extended to use other earth system models.


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