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External Demos

What are they?

The external demos outline the proper usage of an ESMF installation. An ESMF installation can be used in two ways:

  1. Building applications against the ESMF library
  2. Executing ESMF applications contained in the package

Please see the User's Guide for specific instructions on installing ESMF.

Some notable features of the external demos are:

  • Each one comes with its own self contained build system (Makefile).
  • These cases treat the ESMF library as an external dependency, as is true for typical user code (and unlike the unit tests, examples, system tests and applications that come bundled with ESMF).
  • They show how the bundled ESMF applications are executed and used.
  • They can be checked out from the SourceForge repository individually.
  • They should be viewed as templates for user applications.

Who are they for?

  • Anybody interested in using the applications bundled with ESMF.
  • Anybody considering writing their own ESMF applications.

Version Limitations

Tags used when checking out the external_demos module must match the installed ESMF release, or you may get errors. The table below indicates the ESMF version at which the individual external demo modules started being available.

External Demo Description Available starting with:
ESMF_CoupledFlow Coupled flow application with flow solver component and coupled injector component. ESMF_5_2_0
ESMC_HelloWorld Print out ``Hello ESMC World'' from a C program using an ESMF library installation. ESMF_5_1_0
ESMF_HelloWorld Print out ``Hello ESMF World'' from a Fortran program using an ESMF library installation. ESMF_5_1_0
ESMF_InstallationCheck Check the ESMF installation and print out diagnostics for reference ESMF_5_1_0
ESMF_Regrid Execute a bilinear regridding operation using Grids created from GRIDSPEC formatted files and a second order analytic field. ESMF_6_2_0
ESMF_RegridWeightGenCheck Regridding weight generation testing; multiple grid pairs, types of regridding, and regridding options are represented. ESMF_5_1_0


Checking Out

The external demos can be obtained from the main ESMF SourceForge git repository by following the instructions on that page for checking out modules by the anonymous git access.

The entire external demos module

Checking out a tar ball, and untarring it:

git archive --remote=git:// 
--format=tar --prefix=external_demos/ <tag> | tar xf -


[tag] is the git tag (e.g. ESMF_6_2_0)

One individual external demo

Check out and untar a single external demo:

git archive --remote=git:// 
--format=tar --prefix=external_demos/ <tag> | tar xf - external_demos/<name_of_specific_external_demo>


[tag] is the git tag (e.g. ESMF_6_2_0)


Alternatively, the source can be viewed by browsing the external demos folder.

Directory Structure, Building and Running

Each individual external demo is located in its own subdirectory. This directory contains all of the necessary source and script files in addition to a case specific README and Makefile. Consult the README for case specific build and run instructions.

Last Update: June 6, 2017, 12:23 p.m. by Cecelia DeLuca