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ESMF is expanding into a number of new areas. Some of these are already being pursued as part of our current work plans. Others are longer term, and look towards future generations of Earth system models, emerging computer architectures, and highly interactive, distributed collaborative environments. Many of the areas we are growing into are described in a 2004 white paper, Future Directions for the Earth System Modeling Framework.

Modeling environments

  • Integration with configuration, job submission, data provision, analysis, and visualization services to create modeling environments
  • Automatic generation of couplers, executables, and metadata
  • Easier user access to components through web services
  • Extension to desktop computing

Numerical methods and kernels

  • Support for a wider variety of grids
  • Support for a range of numerical methods
  • Ability for users to register their own grids and methods

ESMF is extending the range of grids and methods it supports with every release.

Domain extension

  • Integration with space weather frameworks
  • Integration with hydrology frameworks
  • Integration with air quality systems


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