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Performance Reports

Note: Some of the performance reports below were produced with development "snapshots" of ESMF rather than an official distribution. Snapshots are incremental tags that mark the progress toward a release. They are identified with the version that they will become, so ESMF_5_2_0r_beta_snapshot_15 is most comparable to ESMF_5_2_0r.

Report Title Version Date
3D IPE to WAM Regridding Benchmark (Download PDF) ESMF_6_2_0_beta_snapshot_15 May 2, 2013
Performance Measurement of Remapping Code in CESM Coupler Using ESMF and MCT Sparse Matrix Multiply (SMM): Part 1 - Performance Analysis on 1024 Processors (Download PDF) ESMF_5_3_1_beta_snapshot_18 November 6, 2012
Performance Measurement of Remapping Code in CESM Coupler Using ESMF and MCT Sparse Matrix Multiply (SMM): Part 2 - Scaling Performance Analysis (Download PDF) ESMF_5_3_1_beta_snapshot_18 October 24, 2012
ESMF Array Bundle Sparse Matrix Multiplication Benchmark: An Update (Download PDF) ESMF_5_2_0rp1_beta_snapshot_17 March 28, 2012 (Updated November 13, 2012)
ESMF Offline Regrid Weight Generator Performance Comparison with SCRIP (Download PDF) ESMF_5_2_0_beta_snapshot_07 and SCRIP 1.4 December 7, 2010
ESMF Component Overhead in CCSM 4.0 (Download PDF) CCSM_4_0_0_beta42 and ESMF_5_0_0_snapshot_1 May 12, 2010
ESMF Array Bundle Sparse Matrix Multiplication Benchmark (Download PDF) ESMF_3_1_0_beta_snapshot_81 Nov. 4, 2008
ESMF Memory Scalability Benchmark (Download PDF) ESMF_3_1_0_beta_snapshot_51 and ESMF_3_1_0_beta_snapshot_53 July 1, 2008
ESMF Array Sparse Matrix Multiply Benchmark (Download PDF) ESMF_3_1_0_beta_snapshot_21 Dec. 4, 2007
ESMF Bundle Redistribution Scalability Benchmark (Download PDF) ESMF_3_0_1_beta_snapshot_6 July 1, 2007
Component Overhead for Large Processor Counts (Download PDF) ESMF_3_0_1_beta_snapshot_6 Nov. 3, 2006
Data Redistribution in the NCAR CAM and CLM (Download PDF) ESMF_2_2_2r Sep. 13, 2006
Component Overhead in the NCEP SSI package (Download PDF) ESMF_2_0_0rp2 Feb. 1, 2004


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