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CESM/ESMF Evaluation & Test Plans

Active Test Plan

ESMF maintains an active collaboration with the Community Earth System Model (CESM). CESM has supported ESMF interfaces since its CCSM4 releasem in April 2010, and uses ESMF utilities for grid remapping and time management. Generally, the way that the collaboration works is that the ESMF team implements functionality on a CESM branch following the mutually agreed to work plan, and tags and regression tests the completed work. The regression testing is done following a test plan that covers basic CESM configurations. CESM then reviews the changes and, as appropriate, integrates, tests, and deploys the changes as part of a distribution.

The following test reports were submitted to CESM prior to integration:

  • CESM_1_1_beta11_online_weightgen_p1_report: Describes testing of online weight generation in CESM coupler given source atmosphere and destination ocean grids. Verifies CESM coupler and ESMF offline weightgen application compute identical weights.(last updated: 10/29/2012 12:55pm EST)
  • CESM_1_1_beta14_field_test_report: Convert Distgrid and Array representation in CESM component models to Mesh and Field representation. Additional shared utilities are added in the driver directory. (last updated: 6/26/2012 12:24pm EST)
  • CESM_1_1_beta05_api_test_report: Updated the CESM 1.1 beta05 baseline to work with the API changes in the ESMF 5.2.0rp1 baseline. (last updated: 1/5/2012 1:08pm EST)
  • CESM_1_1_beta04_test_report: Decribes testing on bluefire for the ensemble implementation of ESMF component interfaces in CESM 1.1 beta release. (last updated: 11/23/2011 11:17am EST)
  • CESM_1_1_beta02_test_report: Describes testing on bluefire and jaguarpf for the ESMF sparse matrix multiply implementation in the CESM 1.1 beta release coupler for offline regridding between component models. (last updated: 11/2/2011 10:22am EST)
  • CESM 1.0.3 test report: Describes testing on bluefire and jaguarpf for updates in CESM releasing CESM 1.0.3 with ESMF 520p1. (last updated: 5/16/2011 2:31pm EST)

Archived Plans

The following are evaluation plans that led up to the integration of ESMF into CCSM public releases.

The first plan was approved by the CCSM Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) in January, 2005. This plan focused on the component and redistribution functions of ESMF, and required that ESMF demonstrate less than 5% overhead relative to CCSM's existing infrastructure. ESMF successfully passed the evaluation in May, 2007 and the ESMF version was incorporated into the CCSM development repository.

CCSM-ESMF Evaluation Plan: Stage 1

The second plan was approved by the CCSM SSC in September, 2007. It focused on evaluation of the regridding capabilities of ESMF, including petascale processor counts. This plan was completed successfully and ESMF was incorporated into CCSM4.

CCSM-ESMF Evaluation Plan: Stage 2

The following slides show detailed plans used to implement ESMF in CCSM:

  • ESMF adoption in CCSM, first steps: getting to ESMF compliant data components, Aug 25, 2008 (Download PowerPoint)
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