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NUOPC Layer Plans

The National Unified Operational Prediction Capability (NUOPC) aims to fundamentally advance the weather prediction modeling systems used by the National Weather Service, Air Force and Navy meteorologists, mission planners, and decision makers. Collaborators are developing a NUOPC Layer that supplements ESMF with usage and content conventions in order to achieve greater interoperability among components of weather prediction codes.

NUOPC Layer design documents and user documentation are located on NUOPC CoG Site. The NUOPC Layer is still a work in progress.

NUOPC plans are captured in several documents:

  • The Plan of Action and Milestones (last updated August, 2012) describes the NUOPC Layer development strategy. (Download MS Word Document)
  • The Final Report on the Interim Committee on Common Model Architecture (last updated June 18, 2009) examines interoperability issues in detail. (Download MS Word Document)
  • The Interoperability Specification Document (last updated May 24, 2011) outlines a target level of interoperability across multiple aspects of modeling codes. It is drawn from Appendix I of the Final Report on the Interim Committee on Common Model Architecture. Updates take into consideration results of ongoing discussion and development. (Download MS Word Document)

Milestone Deliveries

Adoption Metrics

The "Level of adoption of the NUOPC Layer in the participating codes" document captures how the various aspects of the NUOPC Layer are being adopted over the reporting periods. (v. 01/2012) (Download MS Word Document)

NUOPC Layer Documentation

The emerging NUOPC Layer is documented under Conventions/NUOPC Layer.

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