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Release Schedule: December 2006

Public releases have an "r" after the release name, e.g. 5_2_0r. Public releases that have been patched are labeled with their patch number e.g. "rp1", "rp2". Tasks required for a release are marked with a **. Tasks with a ^ are expected to come from an outside contribution.

Nov 2006 ESMF v2.2.2r

**Optimization of initialization for arb-arb redist
**Build modifications for CCSM
**CCSM fixes for ESMF evaluation
**Perf testing of redist run and optimize as needed
**Complete rectilinear grids, coords, stagger
Port to XT3
Add how to port documentation
Measure component overhead on 1000+ processors
^Port to BGL


Jan 2007 ESMF v3.0.1

Add communicator to component interface
Continue fix of memory leaks
Standardize initialization behavior
^Add Component/State/Config C interfaces


Apr 2007 ESMF v3.0.2

Config set implemented
Measure redist performance on 1000+ procs
Datatypes consistent across framework
Make sure unused code returns errors
Tests and examples for reconcile
ArrayCreate TKR overloading
DistGridGet provides topology information
Test, examples, and doc review for DistGrid
Improved Grid testing framework
Fix halt on error problem


Aug 2007 ESMF v3.0.3

Tests and examples for ensembles
Array support of single patch simple conn DistGrid
Profile and optimize ArraySparseMatMul
Test, examples, and doc review for Array
Interlanguage implementation consistency
Array communications underpinning and Route merge
Basic new Grid functionality
Test, profile, and doc review
ArraySparseMatMul completion
Test, examples, and doc review for Array SMM
ArrayBundle Create and SM
Grid generation from user
Use test case for new Grid and SparseMatMul
ArrayHalo for single patch simple conn DistGrids
Test, examples and doc review for ArrayHalo
Use test case for ArrayHalo



Replace old array internals with new sparse mat mul
ESMF gen weights for multi-patch curvilinear coord grids
ArrayGather and Scatter for single patch simple conn
^3D regrid
^Location stream implementation
^Add TimeMgr C interfaces
Mask implementation


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