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Release Schedule: August 2009

Public releases have an "r" after the release name, e.g. 5_2_0r. Public releases that have been patched are labeled with their patch number e.g. "rp1", "rp2". Tasks marked with a ** are required for the release.


AS BUILT May 2009 ESMF v4.0.0

Task Description
Component concept works with MAPL Currently MAPL is based on certain assumptions about the interaction between Components and VM that don't hold in general. In order to allow MAPL to work correctly where components run on different sets of PETs it will be necessary to adjust some of the Component/VM concepts in ESMF. This task will require collaboration with the MAPL developers to ensure full compatibility.
Method to return Initialize/Run/Finalize and phase This is a function to return, for a standard component method, whether it is Initialize/Run/Finalize and what phase it is.
User-method callbacks for data assimilation This capability will enable users to store and stransfer custom methods within a State.
Sequential ensemble example with internal state Ensemble example that demonstrates the use of internal states.
Performance profiling of ArrayBundles with sparse matrix multiply Profile ArrayBundles for redistribution and sparse matrix multiply.
Complete arbitrarily distributed Grids Complete arbitrarily distributed Grids and integrate them into Fields.
**Land-sea masks for regrid Likely implemented using masks at the regrid interface.
Continued development of hierarchical attributes Implementation of standard attribute packages and XML outputs.
Attribute update As required by CCSM, this is for communicating Attributes during runtime.
Preliminary IO container class This task is to build the IO class shell and implement an initial XML read/write.
Demonstrate use of test harness with regrid Test harness has been shown to work for regridding for grids with unformly spaced coordinates.  This task is to show that regrid tests also work for grids with non-uniformly spaced coordinates.
Native Windows port Port to the native Windows platform.
Reconcile and close bug and feature request tickets Revisit and close as many old bug and feature request tickets as possible.


September 2009 ESMF v4.0.0r

Task Description
Add VM documentation VM is currently sparse on documentation. This task is to bring this up-to-date.
C interfaces for unstructured mesh Add C interfaces for new mesh code.
Use test case to stress reconcile Add new system test(s) to stress ESMF_StateReconcile().  This should include sending large numbers of Fields and nested States.
System tests for OpenMP Need to create a system test mode for testing with OpenMP.


November 2009 ESMF v4.0.1

Task Description
Petascale optimization Continued optimization tasks.
One-sided and asynchronous communications Needed for performance optimization.
Full grid is equal function Check of grid equality that checks each internal element individually.
Support for tripole grid shortcuts This will require a design phase to determine if anything new needs to be developed.
Make the treatment of logicals and characters consistent Logicals have already been largely addressed, so this will focus on characters and strings.
C interface completion and documentation Produce Reference Manual for C interface.
Resolve final configuration of components and clocks May be influenced by additional constraints introduced by NUOPC.
Initial data IO implementation This task covers netCDF read/write.
Interlanguage implementation consistency Cleanup for robustness and easier maintenance.  Much of this is already done.
Fedora Core implementation This is mainly work on the build. It has been held up for legal reasons.
Initial improved error reporting Check for and implement correct error handling across the system.
**Initial implementation of exchange grids This is not well defined and will require a design cycle.
Make concurrency more robust It is not yet fully clear what this task involves, so the estimate may be way off. However, it is at mini
mum: a)removing the fixed buffer size that is currently in use and replacing it with a buffer of calculated size and b)addressing issues concerning initialization that were revealed in intern Array when doing init fixes - the solution may be waiting for intern Array removal.
Continue attribute development Metadata development and implementation.
**Implement multi-tile grid representation Implement multi-tile grids, with at least two examples, e.g. cubed sphere grids and grids with a locally refined patch.


March 2010 ESMF v5.0.0

Task Description
Grid generation from user Description is too long, see task 132768.
Rework object referencing and destruction Description is too long. Please see task 140947.
**Conservative regrid 2D, 1st order Calculate interpolation weights for conservative interpolation.
API standardization Review complete API carefully and fix any inconsistencies.
**Compliance tester Automated compliance tester; the first level is likely to be ensuring no errors on standard calls.
Conservative regrid higher order higher dimensions 3 dimensions, higher orders.
Final sweep of bugs and feature requests for API freeze Resolve all possible before freeze.
ESMF_ArrayHalo() for single patch simple connectivity DistGrids Implement Array halo and ensure that it fixes previous errors.  The most critical of these errors was that the halo used to be declared in all dimensions, whether it was distributed or not.
Use test case for ArrayHalo Array halo use test case that stresses the size and configurations of Array.
Test, examples and documentation review for Array halo Test, examples and documentation review for Array halo.
Grid generation cabability Possibly based on NCEP w3 library used by WRF and LIS.


September 2010 ESMF v5.0.0r

Task Description
**Prepare updated tutorial materials Deliver final tutorial materials, ideally including an on-line tutorial.
**Review and supplement documentation Review Reference Manual and Users Guide and supplement with user-requested materials.


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