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Release Schedule: October 2010

Public releases have an "r" after the release name, e.g. 5_2_0r. Public releases that have been patched are labeled with their patch number e.g. "rp1", "rp2". Tasks marked with an ** are required for the release.

AS BUILT October 2010 v5.1.0

Task Description
Compliance tester Automated compliance tester; first level is ensuring no errors on standard calls such as ESMF_Initialize(), Run(), and Finalize().  Create a program which performs these checks and also prints out Attributes via ESMF_AttributeWrite() for manual inspection.
Implement local conservation to improve conservative regridding Calculate interpolation weights for conservative interpolation at higher than 1st order.  This method should work for any dimension.  The method is undetermined at this point so the time estimate is uncertain.
C interface documentation Produce a Reference Manual for the C interface.
Initial data IO implementation This will likely involve incorporating PIO into ESMF.
Initial implementation of exchange grids This will require a design cycle.


December 2010 ESMF v5.2.0

Task Description
Communication support for data objects that contain both arbitrarily distributed and non-arbitrarily distributed dimensions Communication support for Fields/Arrays that contain both arbitrarily and non-arbitrarily distributed dimensions. This requires that the Array sparse matrix multiply must support multi-component sequence indices in the "full, non-factorizedsparse matrix" mode.
Support for tripole grid shortcuts This functionality will allow the user to create a tripole Grid by specifying the proper parameters in the Grid create interface. The resulting tripole Grid should be usable in FieldRegridStore() with the pole connections properly represented. Some user research and design work may be necessary to ensure that we're creating the tripole as the users require. This task doesn't entail generating tripole coordinates for users, although testing will require either some internal generation or reading them in from a file.
Final sweep of bugs and feature requests for API freeze Resolve all possible before freeze.
Make the treatment of characters consistent At the public Fortran and C/C++ API levels, as well as internally including the F90/C interface, ensure consistent implementation of character and string types.  Horizontally across the library, this affects mostly Getting/Setting of ESMF class names and specifying method options, particularly for ESM[F,C]_<Class>Print().  Vertically, the Config and Attribute classes are heavily involved.
Implement grid connections in regridding methods Complete the connection of the Grid topology specification (connections) and index space specification to the regrid. This step will remove some obvious holes in the Regrid (e.g. the current restriction preventing the regridding  of Fields on a Grids with an  ESMF_INDEX_DELOCAL index space), and is a necessary first step to completing 3 and 4 below. An output from this taskshould be a set of tests regridding with grid connections and with non ESMF_INDEX_GLOBAL index space.
API standardization (Initial) Review complete API carefully and fix any inconsistencies.


March 2011 ESMF v5.2.0r

Task Description
API standardization, ongoing Review complete API carefully and fix any inconsistencies.  This is a second phase of this task.
**Prepare updated tutorial materials Deliver final tutorial materials, ideally including an on-line tutorial.
**Review and supplement documentation Review Reference Manual and Users Guide and supplement with user-requested materials.


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