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Release Schedule: March 2013


Public releases have an "r" after the release name, e.g. 5_2_0r. Public releases that have been patched are labeled with their patch number e.g. "rp1", "rp2".

November 2012 ESMF v6.1.0 AS BUILT

Task Description
I/O set up for more than one package and format Set up I/O to be more flexible by hiding implementation-specific details in an I/O class.  Create more consistent and complete Array and Field read and write interfaces.
Parallelize ESMF_GridCreate from file In Grid creation, the coordinates in the SCRIP file are read into PET0 and scattered to all other PETs. The code should be parallelized, possibly using pNETCDF or PIO for better performance.
Method to perform online interpolation weight generation from grid files Wrap the ESMF_RegridWeightGen utility, which generates interpolation weights from file, so that it can be called from within running model code.
Complete development of Exchange Grid for Meshes Allow Fields built on Meshes or combinations of Grids and Meshes to be merged to create an Exchange Grid.
Extend Python interface for ESMF regridding, phase 2: Climate and Forecast convention UGRID support, prototype Pythonic interface, and priorities as set by users Completion of a next phase of the python interface to ESMF regridding. This task includes support for the UGRID Climate and Forecast convention for representing unstructured grids.
Nearest neighbor interpolation method for regridding The nearest neighbor method interpolation method is desired for applications such as downscaling.
Report which destination points were not mapped Enable the grid remapping in ESMF_FieldRegridStore() to report which destination points were not mapped.
Restructure reconcile for robustness he current implementation of ESMF_StateReconcile is very inefficient. It creates a lot of messages of redundant data and it is not scalable. Thus, the whole function is being redesigned.
Catch up on NUOPC milestones and implementation, multiple tickets This ticket is open for any work that is required to support achievement of NUOPC milestones.
Implement a bit for bit mode for the sparse matrix multiply Guarantee of bit for bit reproducibility is important for many climate applications. This task will ensure bit for bit when running on the same number of processors.
Introduce nesting into the NUOPC Layer prototype This task addresses several different ways in which nested grids may interact with coupling.


May 2013 ESMF v6.2.0 AS BUILT

Task Description
Deliver NUOPC "reference" release (website, documentation, and images) Release documented and tested version of NUOPC interface with development to date.
Improved polygon intersection for conservative regridding In certain cases, the current polygon intersection algorithm being used in the conservative interpolation can have problems if source and destination cells align closely along an edge. Numerical problems in this case can lead to small gaps between neighboring cells and a degradation of conservative accuracy.
Fix problem with Attribute removal Fix a problem that occurs when reconciling Attributes that have been removed.
I/O porting and follow-on The PIO package incorporated into ESMF does not operate on all ESMF platforms.  This
task is to update the PIO version used in ESMF, port it to additional platforms, and work with the PIO team to get changes foled back into the baseline.
Add 3D Climate and Forecast convention UGRID support to offline regrid application Incorporate the UGRID standard into 3D offline grid remapping.
Support for masking unstructured Meshes This fills a gap and will offer convenience for Mesh users.
Grid or Mesh reconstruction for coupling Implement the ability to reconstruct the same Mesh or Grid with a different distribution.  This is needed for applications that send Meshes from components to a coupler on a different
distribution of processors for grid remapping.
Resolve NUOPC field dictionary issues Decide which standard (e.g. Climate and Forecast, CSDMS) will be used in the
NUOPC field dictionary and implement the outcome.
Complete ESMP "Pythonic" interface, called ESMPy Complete the redesign of the ESMP package, offering a more object-oriented and
"Pythonic" interface.
Implement consistent I/O approach Merge the work done for the new I/O class with the efforts to parallelize Mesh and Grid creation.



September 2013 ESMF v6.3.0r

Task Description
Improve ESMF_MeshCreate from file performance Work around bottlenecks in the current ESMF_MeshCreate from file interface.  The code may be parallelized, possibly using pNETCDF or PIO for better performance.
Fix problem with proxies involving multiple objects that reference a single object Fix problem where multiple objects that reference a single object produce multiple proxies for the single referenced object after reconcile.  Change the behavior so that, for example, Fields that point to the same Grid produce a single Grid proxy that is referenced multiple times.
Improved demo and online tutorial Training and getting started materials need an overhaul.
Return diagnostic outputs from RegridWeightGen New options are desired on RegridWeightGen that would enable additional diagnostic outputs, such as error measues and maximum negative weights. Some diagnostic outputs are already available from the test utility RegridWeightGenCheck. This will also enable integrated regridding to be checked end-to-end using the same diagnostics as offline regridding.
Connector to support multiple modes of sharing fields for NUOPC Implement vocabulary and interfaces for different kinds of sharing, including memory allocations, grids, and metadata.
Change destination to be point list for non-conservative regridding This will enable a regrid destination to be a single point, and will also enable Location Streams to be supported within regridding.
Adjoint for regrid operation Desired for development of a more complete data assimilation toolkit.
Represent n-gons as tri/quad in Mesh Currently n-gons are represented as triangles or quadrilaterals and supported in the offline grid remapping utility.  This task brings the capability to remap grids with n-gons into the on-line, during-run grid remapping.
Put MOAB into the ESMF build Implement the first step of incorporation of MOAB into ESMF, incorporation of the software into the build.
Bilinear during-run grid remapping on cell centers Currently bilinear grid remapping is only supported for grids that have data on cell corners.  This tasks allows grid remapping for grids that have data on cell centers.
Optimize grid remapping performance for very high resolution grids This task will ensure that grid remapping functions can support very high resolution grids (<1/10 degree global).
Add new user interface to support Grid creation and Mesh creation from file with a user-specified distribution Create a user interface that leverages the capability to reconstruct a Mesh with a different distribution.


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