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Earth System Modeling Framework (DRAFT)

The Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) collaboration is building high-performance, flexible software infrastructure to increase ease of use, performance portability, interoperability, and reuse in climate, numerical weather prediction, data assimilation, and other Earth science applications. The ESMF defines an architecture for composing complex, coupled modeling systems and includes data structures and utilities for developing individual models.

The basic idea behind ESMF is that complicated applications should be broken up into smaller pieces, or components. A component is a unit of software composition that has a coherent function, and a standard calling interface and behavior. Components can be assembled to create multiple applications, and different implementations of a component may be available. In ESMF, a component may be a physical domain, or a function such as a coupler or I/O system. ESMF also includes toolkits for building components and applications, such as regridding software, calendar management, logging and error handling, and parallel communications.

National Unified Operational Prediction Capability (NUOPC) and its research partners are working toward a common model architecture - a standard way of building models. The NUOPC Layer defines conventions and templates for using ESMF, and makes it simpler to adopt the framework. Learn more about the NUOPC Layer.


RegridWeightGen: ESMF has the option to build a standalone application that can generate interpolation weights in parallel. It's fast and can handle a wide variety of grids and grid options. It's not necessary to use the rest of ESMF to use it ... just provide grid files in a standard (netCDF-based) format.

Regridding Status: ESMF's regridding capability is growing with every release. See the latest

Python Interface to ESMF grid remapping...ESMPy

  • A single-tile logically rectangular discretization type called Grid.
  • An unstructured discretization type called Mesh.
  • Bilinear, finite element patch recovery.
  • First-order conservative interpolation methods.
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