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Use Test Cases

What are they?

The use test cases are examples of how ESMF functions would be implemented in realistic situations. They require realistic inputs and processor counts. Unlike the unit and system tests, the use test cases routinely require large data files that are too cumbersome to be bundled with the ESMF distribution. They therefore must be checked out separately from the SourceForge repository.

Version Limitations

Tags for the use_test_cases module must match ESMF release tags, or you may get errors. The use test cases require ESMF releases of version 3.0.0 or later. See table below for specifics.

Name Description Supported in ESMF Versions:


Outputs ESMF CIM Attributes in Metafor Cim format subsequent ingestion and display by ESG/Curator 520rp1,530,610,611,620, 630r, 630rp1, 700
Bundle redistribution Redistribution of data from one Bundle to another where the Grids are identical but Grid decompositions are different. 300, 301, 302, 303, 310
Bundle redistribution: Arbitrarily distributed grids Bundle redistribution from an arbitrarily distributed grid to another arbitrarily distributed grid. 301, 302, 303, 310
Regrid Coupled multi-component regridding between general curvilinear coordinate grids using array level sparse matrix multiplication 303, 310-310p1, 310r-310rp4, 311, 400, 400r-400rp2, 500, 510, 520-520p1, 520r-520rp2,530,610,611,620, 630r, 630rp1, 700
Sparse matrix multiply Regrid between general curvilinear coordinate grids using Array level sparse matrix multiply 300, 301, 302, 303, 310-310p1, 310r-310rp4, 400, 400r-400rp2, 500, 510, 520-520p1, 520r-520rp2. ,530,610,611,620, 630r, 630rp1, 700
State Bench Operations Synthetic timing tests of various non-collective State operations 530,610,611,620, 630r, 630rp1, 700
State Bench Reconcile Synthetic timing tests of StateReconcile with differing numbers of items in the State 530,610,611,620, 630r, 630rp1, 700

Outputs ESMF Field data and associated metadata in WaterML style xml files

400r-400rp2, 500, 510, 520-520p1, 520r-520rp2,530,610,611,620, 630r, 630rp1, 700

Checking Out

The use_test_cases module can be obtained from the main ESMF SourceForge git repository by using the following commands: The commands are (enter as one line):

Checking out a tar ball, and untarring it:

git archive --remote=git:// --format=tar --prefix=use_test_cases/ <tag> | tar xf -

where [tag] is the git tag.

Check out and untar a use test case:

git archive --remote=git:// --format=tar --prefix=use_test_cases/ <tag> | tar xf - use_test_cases/<name_of_specific_use_test_case>


Alternatively, the source can be viewed by browsing the use test cases folder.

Building and Running

To build and run the use test cases, see the READMEs bundled with the use_test_cases module.

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