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UCACN Model Advisory Committee

The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Community Advisory Committee for NCEP (UCACN) was established by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) in March 2011. The UCACN is as permanent external community committee to provide guidance to the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) on improvement of products and services based on the latest advances in science and technology. The formation of the UCACN Modeling Advisory Committee (UMAC) was requested by William Lapenta, Director of NCEP, in March 2015. UMAC is to provide a comprehensive, technical review of the NCEP Prediction Suite (NPS) strategy for development.

Final Report from August 2016 Meeting: _20160811_UMAC_Final_Doc_20161104_17_37.pdf

Final Report from August 2015 Meeting: UMAC_Final_Report_20151207-v14

From the Executive Summary: U.S. numerical environmental prediction is at a crossroads. Based on a number of measures, such as skill in global modeling or the use of high-resolution probabilistic prediction, American operational environmental prediction is no longer a world leader. In contrast, the U.S. has huge assets in environmental prediction, including the largest associated research community in the world, an open data policy, and a robust private sector community. Thus, a key finding of the UMAC committee is an optimistic one: U.S. environmental prediction, although lagging, has the potential to progress rapidly to world leadership. But this will only occur if fundamental changes are made in NOAA/NWS/NCEP operations, how research and development in NOAA operational environmental prediction is organized, and how NOAA works with the outside research community.

NOAA/NCEP Response to UMAC August 2016 Meeting:

December 2016 Briefing to UMAC

January 2017 Briefing at American Meteorological Society

NOAA/NCEP Response to UMAC August 2015 Meeting:

Action Plan

Traceability Matrix


If you would like to communicate with or provide comments to the UMAC, then please send email to

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