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The WGCM Infrastructure Panel
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The WGCM (Working Group on Climate Models) Infrastructure Panel

The WIP will serve as a counterpart to the CMIP Modeling Panel and will enable the modeling groups, through the WGCM, to maintain some control over the technical requirements imposed by the increasingly burdensome MIPs. The membership will also include representation of those responsible for the standards and conventions and the IT and software infrastructure underpinning the MIPS. The mission of the new panel is to promote a robust and sustainable global data infrastructure in support of the scientific mission of the WGCM. Drawing on experts intimately familiar with the scientific goals of the WGCM and aware of the promises and limitations of infrastructural technologies, the WIP will formulate achievable goals for global data infrastructure, ensure coordination of the various groups building components of the system, and advise the relevant institutions on the requirements and commitments needed to maintain its long term vitality
Last Update: June 18, 2014, 11:50 a.m. by V. Balaji
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